Vicodin Addiction Rehab at Passages Malibu: Recover in the Lap of Luxury

There is a fine line between Vicodin addiction and using it for relief as a prescription drug because of its strong addictive properties. This drug is a combination of acetaminophen and hydrocone, which is an opiate. Any drugs that contain opiate have a high risk of causing dependency and addiction issues when used on a long-term basis. Usually, Vicodin is used to deal with moderate to severe pain issues in individuals with chronic pains or to get relief from a severe injury.

Rehabilitation from such a severe and strong drug is often a difficult and uncomfortable journey. Even before the recovery process, individual face noticeable side effects of withdrawal such as drowsiness, obsessive thoughts, extreme paranoia, severe emotional imbalance, and intense nausea, followed by vomiting. These symptoms being a result of just regular use, the detox process becomes even worse as time goes on.

We have done extensive research on Vicodin addiction issues, and it is dependency and overdose symptoms to prepare the best treatment program available in the country. The Vicodin Addiction rehab, at Passages Malibu, has been specifically designed to support and care for individuals struggling with Vicodin addiction and dependency issues.

Our rehabilitation program offers various steps of recovery, each of which uses lavish and state-of-the-art treatment measures to make the recovery process as smooth and as comfortable as possible. Our environment has been designed to offer maximum relaxation to the clients, so they feel at ease and do not feel pressured in a clinical and overbearing environment.

Moreover, each and every treatment that is offered during the rehabilitation uses holistic and herbal recovery services, which encompass natural methods of therapy. These methods offer a unique blend of modalities to help clients suffering from withdrawal and recovery issues related to Vicodin addiction.

Luxury Rehabilitation at Passages Malibu

Passages Malibu aims to cater and offer rehab for various dependency issues, however, each program at our facility is meticulously designed to offer support that would best suit their addiction issues. The programs and the environment offer luxury support, which also emphasizes the importance we offer the clients under our care.

Our luxury rehabilitation facility offers various programs that could deal with severe drug dependency issues such as marijuana addiction, opioid addiction, heroin addiction, Vicodin addiction, and many others. Each program uses a specific plan of recovery that is personalized and molded to suit the needs of the clients; moreover, the programs also have a base structure depending on the type of addiction, which can effectively deal with any related issues at hand.

Unique and Well-Received Treatment Methodology

Our unique integrated model of treatment uses a mix of holistic and herbal treatments that offer a natural rate of recovery to the clients. This form of treatment does not force the client to follow rigid recovery boundaries, rather, works on the principle of encouragement and compassionate support.

Passages Malibu’s unique modality has been recognized and favored by various prevalent organizations, one of which is Joint Commission, who has offered “Gold Seal of Approval” to Passages Malibu as an accredited Healthcare Organization. Our luxury facility also holds a prestigious position of being one of the top 6% of the best addiction treatment facilities. All of the recognition that Passages Malibu has been given is due to the fact that it offers the most effective and best treatments for addiction in a luxurious environment.

Brief History on the Creation of Passages Malibu

There is a strong link between the history of Passages Malibu and the philosophy it adheres to in all of its rehabilitation programs. Its values and unique blend of treatments stem from the struggles of personal nature, which the co-founders of this organization had to go through before realizing the truth about holistic healing techniques.

Pax Prentiss, one of the co-founders, was once an addict, who had relinquished all hope becoming sober. He sought help from his father, Chris Prentiss, who encouraged him to get addiction treatment through conventional recovery programs. All of these programs failed to help Pax become sober, and he felt humiliated in the clinical and degrading environment offered in the traditional addiction treatment programs.

Chris relentlessly searched for other ways to help Pax, during his search; he stumbled upon the eastern herbal and the western holistic form of treatments. These therapies when combined did not employ any of the rigid boundaries of traditional treatment, which is why Chris persuaded Pax to follow this unique blend of therapy under the care of his family. Slowly, but surely Pax started to employ a sober regiment, which made him happier and productive.

Elated with the success of this mix of treatments, Pax and Chris made it their mission to help other’s struggling with the same issues as Pax. They meticulously designed and built Passages Malibu, where they employed the same method of treatments and offered a luxury retreat so that the client feels relaxed in the compassionate and supportive environment.

To learn more about the method of addiction treatment at our rehabilitation facility, call us at 888-468-5916.