The Beginning of Passages Malibu

The origin of our luxury facility is no ordinary story; rather, it is an arduous journey filled with passion and support. The beginning of Passages Malibu started with their co-owners own journey towards sobriety. Pax Prentiss, one of the co-owners, was once addicted to various dangerous and addictive drugs such as heroin, alcohol, and prescription drugs. His addiction alienated his friends and family members, and it only went downhill as time went on.

Pax was left with nothing but his destructive behaviors, and he knew he needed help immediately, which is why he begged his father, Christ Prentiss, to help him. Chris realized that his son needed intensive and compassionate care so he can work towards his sober goals. He encouraged Pax to join intensive traditional inpatient programs, which offered sobriety after long-term rehabilitation.

However, as time went on, these programs did not offer the same result they offered. The strict rules and regulations of the facilities made Pax feel claustrophobic. He felt humiliated during the clinical therapy sessions as he was labeled as an “addict.”

Even after the completion of the program, he found himself gravitating towards his old ways as sobriety was an enforced option that no longer pressured him. Chris understood that these traditional form of treatments only forced his son to be sober and did encourage nor support him during the treatment. He started looking for other more compassionate and natural ways of treating addiction.

During this time, he stumbled upon the sophisticated model of western holistic addiction treatments that aligned with eastern herbal addiction treatments. These natural model of addiction treatment promised what traditional treatments had not, a slow and gradual recovery process. He used an integrated form of these models to help Pax under the compassionate support of his family and the sober environment of a home.

Slowly, but surely Pax started to follow a sober lifestyle, which was not enforced upon him, rather, it was habitually learned through the encouragement of family and friends. This discovery made Pax and Chris motivated enough to help others going through similar struggles. They built the philosophy and values of Passages Malibu on the supportive and caring regiment that was used on Pax. The treatment for addiction itself was designed after the holistic and herbal approach that had helped Pax.

Now, Passages Malibu has grown and developed variously specialized treatment plan following the same values and procedures to help people with specified addiction issues. Our Vicodin addiction rehab also follows this unique methodology of treatment to help you get sober in a luxurious manner. Get more information regarding our history and values by calling us at 888-468-5916, which offers confidential and supportive information at all times of the day.