Guiding Principle and Philosophy at Passages Malibu

The fundamental nature of treatments and approach of care offered at Passages Malibu follows a specific realm of philosophy. This philosophy adheres to the history behind the establishment of our luxury facility. Our aim is to break away from the rigid and claustrophobic boundaries of the traditional form of addiction treatments. We offer treatment to clients through natural means and use the availability of luxury amenities to encourage clients to follow healthier lifestyles.

Unlike the traditional form of addiction treatments that force their clients to follow structured lifestyles in a rigid and clinical environment, we offer a rather amiable and comfortable environment of recovery. The aim is this approach is to make sure that the client is comfortable and feels safe under care, which allows them to trust and follow our guidelines.

At Passages Malibu, each client holds their own identity. They are given the treatment in a respectable manner, where they enjoy dignifying conversations and equally supportive treatments. The client is in control of their recovery and rehabilitation under our care; however, we do offer constant encouragement and many motivational one-on-one sessions to guide the client in a healthier direction.

Consequently, these personalized programs offer focused treatment that can help personal and specific issues that a client might face. Each client is given luxurious living quarters and their own medical staff that offers and supports the clients during rehab. We aim to offer only the best treatment and recovery services at our luxury facility.

Personalized Support Systems and Staffing

Our rehabilitation programs offer personalized plans to each client, so they are given effective and focused treatment for the issues they are facing. We also offer a personalized support system through the team of medical counselors, therapist, and staff members. Each of which has been given extensive training to help the client stand on their own feet and go through the treatment without any relapses.

Moreover, the personalized plans are also under constant attention by the team assigned to a client. These personalized plans undergo changes each weak as the client recovers and phases new issues. The mobility of our fluid recovery plans allows the client to get the best out of our rehabilitation program. Call us at 888-468-5916 to find out more about the personalization and staffing offered during Vicodin addiction rehabilitation at Passages Malibu.

Unique Mix of Alternative Modalities

Passages Malibu avoids any clinical or medical procedures during the rehabilitation and detoxification process of the client. These type of procedures cause more harm to the client recovering from addiction. The client will face more dilemmas and side effects from these procedures, causing even more harm to their body as it tries to heal.

Our method of treatment aims to minimize and eliminate any such effects of recovery by using a mix of holistic and herbal therapy methods. These methods not only help the client recover from their addiction issues, but they also encourage healing in the mind, body, and spirit of the individual. We offer various forms of counseling and therapy such as aromatherapy, physical therapy, life purpose counseling, and many of the like. These therapies are also offered on account of the personalization of the client’s recovery plan.

To find out about the therapies and method of treatment used during rehabilitation, don’t hesitate to call us at 888-468-5916.

Find Your Sober Self with Our Luxury Rehab Programs

We believe that every individual struggling with addiction can find their sober selves with proper care and support. Our system of recovery has been specially designed for people that need that extra spruce of care to become healthier and follow their dreams. We not criticize, judge, or enforce our treatment on the clients; rather, we aim to offer a respectable luxury retreat to clients where they will be offered a luxurious and healthy path of life.

You can recover at your own pace so that you can develop the healthy lifestyle offered at our facility habitually. It is known that things learned in a natural manner can last a lifetime, whereas, those forced can go out of the mind as quickly as they were learned. It is never too late to start the journey towards recovery, and we offer the perfect paved pathway for you, through our luxury rehabilitation programs.