Vicodin Addiction Rehabilitation— What Do We Offer During Recovery?

The Vicodin addiction rehab program at Passages Malibu holds many unique qualities, which allows it to focus on the specified issues related to this type of addiction. The approach we use to offer rehabilitation allows space to modify and change the recovery services to suit the intensity of support and care needed by the client during rehabilitation.

In-depth Focus on Addiction Issues— A Different Outlook

Many traditional and conventional addiction treatment programs offer to deal with addiction as a disease. This label not only makes the client feel dispirited, but they also feel humiliated during counseling as they consider their actions their own fault. Our supportive and compassionate counseling system allows us to focus past the addiction and have an in-depth look at the underlying issues feeding the addiction.

We do not treat addiction as the main issue or as a disease; rather, we focus on the behavioral or personal issues that might be rooted underneath the addiction. After careful research, Passages Malibu has trickled down four main underlying issues that might be causing the client to behave erratically.

  • Chemical irregularities in the body
  • Disregarded Trauma or a distressing past event
  • Unhealthy principles and beliefs
  • Incapacity to deal with emotional issues

We believe that by dealing with these underlying issues; one can begin to live in a healthy manner if they are given proper support and recovery services.

Intensive Support and Personalized Plans

Our rehabilitation approach relies on compassionate support and cares that we offer to the clients. The support allows the client to feel safe during various phases of their recovery. Moreover, the intensive support also provides 24/7 care to the client as they face various issues addiction rehabilitation.

Passages Malibu offer personalized plans of recovery to each client because we believe that each client is different and has different needs. This plan is also changed each week depending upon the recovery rate of the client. A team of medical counselors and staffing manages the plan and the changes made in the plan as they observe the clients recovery.

Holistic Detoxification and Recovery Process

From the beginning of the rehabilitation, the client is given herbal remedies to deal with the detoxification phase of their recovery. It allows them to naturally recover, without feeling any side-effects from clinical and medical procedures that traditional treatments often use.

It is followed by a mix of luxury holistic and natural therapy sessions that aims to relax and heal your mind, body, and soul. These sessions are offered to the client based on their recovery needs as they follow the healthier style of life available to them. Moreover, they are also given a luxurious private room that offers lavish facilities, so the client is as comfortable as possible during all phase of their recovery.

Passage Malibu— Luxury Retreat and Rehabilitation Facility

We offer you and your family members struggling with addiction a grand offer of recovery, where you will find spiritual, physical, and mental peace. Our aim is to offer you the best of addiction recovery services following our unique philosophy of treatments. Join us today at Passages Malibu and enjoy a luxurious journey towards a sober life.

To get more information about the treatment methods, the luxury amenities, and other recovery services offered during Vicodin addiction rehab at Passages Malibu, please call us at our confidential helpline, 888-468-5916.